About me

I `m a designer passionately in love with my job. I have been designing an interior more than 7 years. Among my projects there are apartments, houses, offices and restaurants. My love with my business I try to convey to my customers, investing all my knowledge and experience into the creation of ... space.

Designer lives for his profession, making the order out of chaos.

Everything is important for me: from customer help at the stage of ideas and desires to implementation of the project up to life.
Designer feels his clients better than any psychologist.

When I meet my people I certainly know their likes - from color and furniture to knacks, it`s because of their look, tone and manners. And when I show to the people my project , they wonder how I felt their likes so accurately. They say it`s exactly what they want! But for me it`s simple, because I love my job.

"Design –it is not how the thing looks, but how it works" - these are the words of Steve Jobs , and they mote me.

Everything I create with the client - this is not only a beautiful interior, new technology and fashion trends, but first of all it` s comfort.

Creating the project with the client, I understand that it is vital territory where person `ll spend every day, where person` ll have rest, work, relax and so on. And this territory should be in harmony with the internal state of the individual. After all, home - it is a living soul, a living organism. And so it is very important how the person feel himself at home after work. Having finished the project, I always call my clients and ask how they feel. They wonder because of much attention and care from me. But, it is my duty. How nice to hear from people such phrases as Thank you, it `s great! We feel so comfortable! We like everything! This is the best estimate of my work!

My work –it`s a combination of classic styles (empire, art deco, art nouveau) and modern innovations. If people are ready to dialogue, ready to experiment, if they can rely on the professional they can be called my clients. I was struck by one elderly couple who booked the whole interior in romantic style with pink, romantic tone. We have created leather chairs with hearts-backs, and at the bathroom we have created water realm, having made a few sea jellyfish of old banal shower.

It`s very important for me to feel every client and his comments about my work.

I will be glad to help you to make your dream come to life!


 Yulia Parkhomenko