Design supervison

The required step after design development is a service “design supervision” which includes the whole package of measures provided full conformity of done construction works on the project documentation object.

I exercise a direct control and will become a curator of all kinds of works constantly going to the object for more accurate monitoring of all kinds of works. In order to carry out qualitative your project I’m going constantly to keep in touch with builders and to give required consultations if necessary.

Design supervision includes such works as:
  1. Conformity supervision of all construction works;
  2. Correction and addition of work documentation;
  3. Selection of finishing material and decor.
  4. Customer and builder consultations.
  5. Keeping of the log of design supervision and making of photo report if necessary.
Exactly design supervision will allow you to be free and at the same time to mind your own business and not to pay attention to tests and agreements. I’m going to run the construction, to monitor regularly and control the maintenance of all design solutions, norms as well as quality of done works at all stages of as construction as also repair and finishing.