Drawing documentation

In order to turn the reality into developed design the construction brigade can’t get along without required drawing documentation for your design project. And at this stage there was performed by me the whole drawing complex required for bringing of project developing by us to life.

The drawing documentation includes:
  • Tonnage plan of the room
  • Plan of raised partitions
  • Plan of the room after replanning with sizes
  • Plan of the ceiling
  • Floor plan with material lay-out
  • Wall elevation (if necessary)
  • Furniture and sanitary engineering layout
  • Schemes and drawings of decorative fixtures (if necessary)
  • Configuration plan of lighting kit
  • Lighting kit layout with the switch tying
  • Layout of rosettes, electrical outlets, outlets of lower power networks
  • Plan of floors, floor curve lines
  • Floor sections
  • Underfloor heating layout
  • Wall elevation of each room.
  • Tying plans of finishing materials of walls
  • Tile moulding of rooms (of walls)
  • Specifying drawings of difficult design construction.