Design project of houses

Is everything so easy it is thought at first blush?

You have bought a country plot or dilapidated house. Now the task of building or rebuilding of your dream house is given to you. What should you know taking the plunge? A house design project is not simple thing. On the plan there should be taken into account all nuances in order to avoid troubles. Relief peculiarities, ground slopes, location of houses next door and even wind direction are the details. But if you don’t take them into account, you are able to face soon with unpleasant problems. If your hose is situated in the picturesque place, consider the nature. Do not cut down trees; try to become a part of this corner without prejudice to it. You should also do the drainage-reclamation work, lay gas tubes, sewerage system, water and electricity to house. A fence plays a very important role – having well-defined borders of your plot, you secure yourself against thefts and trials.

Design of house interior

Your house shows your personality. Therefore unique design and beautiful interior is an important constituent when building your habitation. Imagine how you wish to see your house - what it should have and what it shouldn't have; what material the floorings and doors should be made of; what colour of walls and furniture dimensions you want. The design of house interior includes everything what should be done after construction works. Best of all is to use the designer's help. Use Internet, look through web-sites. Search for experienced executors who you mustn't clarify for what you want. Designers who love their occupation and work in this sphere for many years feel their customers and listen to any wishes. There are web-sites where you can immediately look at the made projects. Fix the sum of money which you’re ready to spend and the intended effect. The professional will help you to select what you need and release you from unnecessary suffers. Think over how your plot will look outside. The landscape design takes no less time and strength and is a visiting card of country-house interior.
Country-house design in the modern style

The modern style is enough popular solution in the latest days. In this interior there is emphasized a space - everything’s simple, free and maximally comfortable. 
A good variant for giving an «airiness» of house is the open stairs. 

 They don’t weight the surrounding space and produce a beneficial effect. It is recommended to lighten walls. Select stretch ceilings – they will add more light to your house. Try to highlight key points correctly - a contrast table against a background of light furniture or lamps of irregular geometric form. It will add a zest to the country-house design. And the most important thing is not to overload the room. Remember: the more free space you have, the more and more active energy circulation in the house is.